Tong Rosemarie

Globalizing a Feminist Bioethics of Care Is there any single set of ethical principles or human values that exists independently of the cultural context in which it has been produced? Probably not, unless one is committed to the view that ethical principles are generated in some metaphysical realm prior to the beginning of temporality and spatiality. Alternatively, are there certain guiding human values such as human flourishing or meeting people’s needs that emerge in any and all sustainable contexts? Probably there are. But even if such ethical commonalities exist, their existence in no way guarantees their uniform interpretation, let along actual instantiation. For a theory of global bioethics to become the practice of global bioethics, we need to build into that theory (1) critical lenses clear enough to recognize unjust power relations that result in wrongful distributions of limited resources; and (2) motivational force strong enough to prompt people who currently benefit from unjust power relations to forsake them. Although human rights talk and/or human responsibilities/capabilities talk are good tries in building the theory I have in mind, care talk – especially feminist care talk gets us closer to my goal of a truly global bioethics of care.

Globalizing a Feminist Bioethics of Care
5 November 2011
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