11. oktobar 2017.

Michal Kozlowski: Marx’s biggest idea or How Das Kapital Revolutionised the Epistemology of Social Science

Uniwersytet Warszawski

Since Schumpeter and Berlin there has been a wide consensus about the grandeur of Marx’s contribution to social science. Yet it has never been quite clear what is the nature of this input. Marxist (even if not exactly Marxian) concept of historical materialism seems today either hopelessly dogmatic or infinitely flexible. The idea of a universal social science seems as remote as ever… None the less I want to argue that Marx provided us with a powerful category which is completely original and equally indispensable in the comprehensive description of the social world.  This very concept has remained Marx’s scientific obsession during the last 30 years of his life and struggle. The latter is so obvious  that it (almost) goes overlooked…

Michal Kozlowski – philosopher, sociologist and journalist. Studied at University of Warsaw, KU LEUVEN and EHESS (PhD in 2004). Currently working in the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Warsaw. Co-editor of the polish edition of Le Monde Diplomatique and of quarterly magazine Bez Dogmatu. Books:Le contrepouvoirs de Foucault(Paris 2011), Sprawa Spinozy(Cracow 2011), The Art Factory. The division of labor and distribution of capitals in the Polish field of visual art (co-author, Warsaw 2013), Znaki równości (Warsaw 2016). Co-editor of the volume Joy Forever: The Political Economy of Social Creativity (London 2014).  Published in Open Democracy, Il Manifesto GlobaleLes ContretempsLes Possibles,Politics and Culture.

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