June 25, 2019

Željko Radinković Technology

Technique as a philosophical notion and subject of philosophical considerations appears already in the texts of ancient Greek philosophical classics. In modern times, the technique becomes ubiquitous and permeates every sphere of man’s world and action. In the form of technological systems, it is simultaneously imposed as the dominant structure of artifacts, processes and processes, but also takes on the character of a self-explanatory and omnipresent “other nature” that largely evade tematization and reflection. The lecture will historically and systematically deal with the notion of technique in philosophy, the foundation and possibilities of the philosophy of technique, the assessment of the consequences of the technique and the question of new technologies. The working and institutional aspects of the technique will be considered, classification of the types of technique on tools, machines and media, the technicalization of politics and society.

Željko Radinković: associate of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade. He studied and received his Ph.D. at the University of Stuttgart. He deals with hermeneutics, phenomenology, philosophy of culture, philosophy of technique.

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