What is new in/about Kosovo? New Anthropological and Cultural Approaches to Kosovo and the Kosovo Myth

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 4th floor at 12 o'clock

This 2-hour panel discussion gathers several scholars who focus on Kosovo and the Kosovo myth. In his talk entitled „Serbophilles and Serbophobes: Glorifying and Renouncing Approach to the Kosovo Tradition“, identifies the recent proponents of these two approaches and argues that both miss the point as they both share – by large unfounded – assumption about a specifically „Serbian“ character of the Kosovo tradition and its original persistent, unchanging nationalist nature from the medieval times onwards.

Marina Vulović from the University of Helsinki in her talk “Myth, Temporality and Hegemony: On the Re-articulation of the Kosovo Myth in Serbia Since 2012”, theorizes the link between myths (nation), temporality and hegemony. In particular, she is investigating the (counter-)hegemonic projects in Serbia since from the 2012 Serbian Progressive Party’s rule onwards and the so-called internal dialogue on Kosovo launched in 2017.

Sanja Zlatanović from the Institute for Ethnography SASA, in her talk “In the Shadow of ‘Great’ Narratives: The Kosovo Serbs’ Inter-ethnic Relations” summarizes the findings of her recently, award-winning study on the life of the Serbian community south of the Ibar River and Serbian refugees from Kosovo, in the post-1999 context, and to grasp these changes on their ethnicity and other forms of collective identifications.

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