Thought and Mission of St Justin Popović

International conference

Thought and Mission of St Justin Popović

Belgrade, Serbia

10 – 11 May 2019

In order to mark 125 years from Justin Popović’s birth and 40 years from his repose, the Centre of Byzantine-Slavic Studies of the University of Niš, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade will organize, on 10th and 11th of May 2019 in Belgrade, the international conference “Thought and Mission of St Justin Popović”.

As a monk, cleric and saint of the Orthodox Church, a professor at the University of Belgrade and the cofounder of the Serbian Philosophical Society, Justin Popović (1894-1979) is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century. However, despite the unanimous recognition of Justin Popović’s intellectual and spiritual capacity, the assessment of his work is still a matter of dispute.

The aim of the conference is to highlight those aspects of Justin Popovic’s work that are not sufficiently explored or are subject to divergent interpretations, and to evaluate the overall contribution of his thought not only to Orthodoxy, but to Christian theology and spirituality in general. In this sense, the conference should be a forum for both critical consideration and the formulation of new, subtler interpretations of the concept of humanism and critique of Christian denominations in Justin Popovic’s works. It seeks also to distinguish between Justin Popović’s own thought and its instrumentalization within ideological frameworks for particular political agendas.

Conference themes:

  • Justin Popovic and Russian Religious Philosophy
  • Justin Popovic and Europe
  • Justin Popovic and Church Fathers
  • Justin Popovic and Svetosavlje
  • Dogmatics, Liturgics and Ascetics of Justin Popovic
  • Justin Popovic and 20th Century Orthodox Theology
  • Justin Popovic: Premodernism, Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Humanism and Critique of Christian Denominations in Justin Popovic’s Work
  • Justin Popovic and Modernity: Critical Appraisal, Controversies and Ambiguities
  • Reception of Justin Popovic’s Works
  • Problems in Translating Justin Popovic

Registration: A conference fee of 40 € includes: coffee/tea, lunch (buffet), Book of abstracts and conference material. For the interested conference participants, it is possible to organize a daily excursion on 12th of May to the monasteries of Chelie and Lelic, where relics of St Justin the New (Popovic) and St Nicholas of Zhicha (Velimirovic) are kept.  The registration fee does not cover the costs of excursion.

Abstract (up to 300 words) submission deadline is 15th of February 2019. The abstract should be sent to Vladimir Cvetkovic (

Venue: The conference will take the place at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Kraljice Natalije 45 (IV floor), 11 000 Belgrade

Languages: The official languages of the conference are English and Serbian.



Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade (IFDT)

Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade (PBF)

Centre of Byzantine-Slavic Studies, University of Niš (CVSS)



Organizing Committee:

Vladimir Cvetković (IFDT)

Bogdan Lubardić (PBF)

Dragiša Bojović (CVSS)


Scientific Committee:

Thomas Bremer, Germany

Petar Bojanić, Serbia

Dragiša Bojović, Serbia

Vasilije Vranić, USA

Julija Vidović, France

Maksim Vasiljević, Serbia

Slađana Ristić Gorgiev, Serbia

Aleksandar Đakovac, Serbia

Filip Ivanović, Montenegro

Romilo Knežević, France

Andrew Louth, UK

Bogdan Lubardić, Serbia

Dionysios Skliris, Greece

Svilen Toutekov, Bulgaria

Aleksandar Fatić, Serbia

Vladimir Cvetković, Serbia

Bogoljub Šijaković, Serbia

Zdenko Š. Širka, Czechia



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