September 23-24, 2019

The Return of Violence: Contemporary Anxieties of the Community

The Return of Violence: Contemporary Anxieties of the Community

Workshop, September 23-24, 2019

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory


The international workshop The Return of Violence builds on the previous event organized at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Complutense in Madrid, in November 2017. The so called first Spanish-Serbian workshop in philosophy and social theory dealt with vulnerability and exclusion, and how they impact on the formation of the subject of the 21st century. The second Spanish-Serbian workshop (re-)turns to violence: to that which amplifies and aggravates vulnerability of individuals, structures and sharpens their exclusion, but also encourages the tightening and the dissolution of communities. Violence produces more vulnerability and more fragmented communities, anxious to keep and secure their borders. Together we will try to shed light on conditions of possibility of violence today, but also to understand its variety, the guises it emerges in, the means and effects of its collectivization and the anxieties this collectivization produces. Our joint effort at thinking about the return of violence aims to see if we can indeed speak of a return, with an underlying assumption that there was a time when there was less or no violence, or are we invited to understand emergence of contemporary forms of violence as transfigured or even mutated modes of its appearance in the contemporary era. Thus, we ask what kind of fantasies have been involved in violent return of anxieties, what becomes lost and what, on the other hand, spreads in areas which might not be violent, which might be counter-violent. We ask who are the actors who contribute to the return, but also who are those that halt it and have the power to critically reshape it.


Violent Images: A Conversation / Imágenes violentas: una conversación

September 23, 2019, 7-9 PM

Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado

Images of violence today make a constituitive part of the world of social reality and literally no one escapes them. We bear witness to them, but we also produce and spread them – from scenes on the streets, newspaper photographs and video recordings to artistic representations. Does the abundance of such images habituate their recepients and block ethico-political reaction? On the other hand, does the work of art, both visual and verbal, always diabolically betray a true negative character of terrific events and sights, dereleazing them and giving them an aesthetic form of beautiful and sublime? One of the main topics of conversation will be reflection on the nature of recorded violent acts as well as plurality of responses to them.

Participants: Nuria Sánchez Madrid (UCM), Roberto Navarrete Alonso (UCM), Adriana Zaharijević (IFDT) i Đurđa Trajković (IFDT)

Moderator: Miloš Ćipranić (IFDT)

The international workshop is organized with the support of the Embassy of Spain, the Cervantes Institute and the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.



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