April 5, 2019

Tanja Ignjatović Violence against Women in Serbia – from Standards of International Contracts to State Politics and Practice

We shall view violence towards women through the lenses of crucial international contracts which mark violence as social (public) problem and as violation of basic human rights. The change in international politics, due to the influence of global feminist movements, underlined the necessity of social reactions and responsibility of the state, setting standards that conditioned the change of public policies and practices in numerous countries, Serbia included. Setting aside the progress thus far, numerous problems and strong resistances became visible. With the strengthening of conservative politics at the international level, we are bearing witness to a movement geared against concepts of women’s human rights. These conservative moves influence social, institutional and individual reactions, with the goal of maintaining deeply rooted patriarchal culture, domination and control exercised by men. These processes can be seen in Serbia as well. In this lecture, I will present the state of things in this area, including the latest evaluation and recommendations that Serbia received from the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

Tanja Ignjatović is a psychologist. She also holds a PhD in Political Sciences. Since 2001 she has been engaged with the Autonomous Women’s Center in Belgrade as a coordinator for educational programs, research and analysis of public policies, and advocacy. She is also a course coordinator of “Violence towards Women” in Women’s Studies Center. She works and lives in Belgrade.

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