Take the City into Your Own Hands: the Outlines of Civic Participation

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory will carry out  a project Take the City into Your Own Hands: the Otulines of Civic Participation during the succeeding academic year, with the financial support of Center for the Promotion of Science.

The project is designed to promote the principles of democracy with a focus on civic participation at the level of local communities and will include the high school population in five cities in Serbia (Gornji Milanovac, Loznica, Zrenjanin, Sjenica, Zaječar). Implementation of the project will be realized through a cycle of workshops during which students and teachers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic principles of democratic forms of civic participation and work together to find models for solving acute issues in their local communities.

This project aims to distribute both theoretical and practical knowledge of democracy with a focus on the opportunities and significance of civic participation at the local level. One of the main goals is to increase political literacy among young people, spreading the aforementioned knowledge and democratic values. Finally, the goal of the project Take the City into Your Own Hands: the Outlines of Civic Participation is to encourage and empower young people and the local communities to take an active part in resolving significant issues in their local communities, led by the knowledge and skils gained within workshop cycle.

The primary target group of the project consists of high school students, their teachers and interested representatives of local civil society organizations. This target group was selected due to the extremely underdeveloped culture of civic participation of young people at local level, which was due to both ignorance of opportunities and the feeling of inadequacy for inclusion in decision-making processes at the local level. This project offers concrete and practical knowledge as well as activist experiences as models for overcoming these difficulties.

Project coordinator is Irena Fiket.

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