Srđan Prodanović, Šta zdrav razum može da učini za društvenu teoriju?
Ka pragmatičkom shvatanju prakse

This book seeks to investigate the epistemological value of common sense through reconstruction of the theoretical dialogue between pragmatism and contemporary sociological theory. Namely, classical pragmatists claimed that common sense is to a large degree complementary to scientific abstractions. This theoretical position has had intriguing echoes in the works of interpretive sociologists, such as Garfinkel, Goffman, Bourdieu and Boltanski. However, no matter how optimistic these authors might be regarding the cognitive capacities of common sense, most of them fostered a homogenous understanding of this form of knowledge. The main thesis of this book is that common sense can in fact be understood as a term that has a structure, and that we can reconstruct the role which this form of knowledge plays in the reproduction of social practice and in achieving social change only if we previously grasp this heterogeneity.

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