February 26, 2020

Seminar “St. Justin Popovic’s Philosophy of Life”

St. Justin Popović is one of the leading theologians, philosophers and saints of the Serbian Church. Once a professor of the Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade, who by decision of communist authorities had been removed from teaching and condemned to house arrest in the monastery of Ćelije, near Valjevo, St. Justin spent over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, priest and a prolific author. His collected works have been published by the sisterhood of the Ćelije Monastery. St. Justin was the mentor of one of the most influential contemporary theologians in Serbian Orthodoxy. His works, written in a simple and easily understood style, potently address some of the most important philosophical themes and those of general life, including personal morality, marriage, the family, political relations, participation in a community, and even issues of European politics and international relations.

The present seminar “St. Justin Popovic’s Philosophy of Life” addresses the specificities of St. Justin’s theological and counseling methodology, especially with regard to issues of moral and spiritual welfare and his understanding of the concept of the good life, both from a philosophical and from a Christian perspective. The speakers include: Dr Vladimir Cvetković (IFDT), Professor Milenko Bodin (Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade), dr Slobodan Prodić (Dioscese of Dalmatia) and Professor Aleksandar Fatić (IFDT).

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