November 14, 2018

Seminar Emotions and Social Theory

Without a doubt, emotions are one of the basic factors in our social reality. They coordinate the way that we relate to each other, and also the situation that we are part of, on various, institutionally constituted economic and political levels. Throughout history we witnessed ambivalent interpretations of emotions and of their roles in social and political life. It was often suggested that emotions are something that we have to refuse in order to make social action as rational as possible, and, on the other hand, emotions are emphasized while explaning mass behaviour.

Emotions are also treated as the integrative basis of common life, through identitarian schemes (such as the feeling of belonging to a nation) or through different types of emotional support (care, solidarity and empathy), or as a basis of resistence to the structures of power. Different research disciplines are taking different approaches to studying emotions. Are emotions something we could count on, which we could calculate and objectively clarify? Are emotions something which we could approach only from a perspective of individual psychology or phenomenology or could we give structural explanations? The aim of this workshop is to engage disscusion between various reasearch and theoretical approaches to emotions and their roles in the society.

The workshop is held on the occassion of Igor Cvejić’s book The Irreducibility of the Faculty of Feeling: Feeling of Pleasure and Displeasure in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade, 2018).

Participants: Igor Cvejić (Institut for Philosophy and Social Theory) Jelena Ćeriman (Institut for Philosophy and Social Theory) Aleksandar Fatić (Institut for Philosophy and Social Theory) Nebojša Grubor (Faculty of Philosophy, University Belgrade) Amra Latifić (Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University) Una Popović (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad) Jelena Vasiljević (Institut for Philosophy and Social Theory)

Chair: Olga Nikolić (Institut for Philosophy and Social Theory)

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