Publishing activity has always been a distinguishable and an integral part of the overall engagement of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory.  Almost from its very start, it has been developed through “Fronesis (Phronesis)” edition which is dedicated to the most prominent studies conducted by the researchers of the Institute. Soon after, “Disput (Dispute)” edition was developed, with the specific goal of assembling edited volumes containing relevant scientific articles that shed light on contemporary philosophical problems and social issues.  “Conferentia” edition is focused on contributions from international scientific conferences that were organized by the Institute and in that sense thematizes current theoretical and political developments. Collection “Pasaž (Passage)” is reserved for selected translations of eminent social sciences and humanities texts that are exceedingly lacking in the local context. Edition “Zasluga (Contribution)” is dedicated to the most significant authors from the speech region of ex-Yugoslavia; together with their unpublished texts, books in this edition also feature contributions of commentators who try to elaborate the effects and influence of abovementioned honored authors.

Edition “O čemu govorimo kad govorimo o…(Of what do we speak when we speak of…)” consists of smaller, “popular”, yet very instructive, carefully prepared and richly laid out publications that are as provocative and inspiring, as they are well argued and informative. Finally, Edition “Prudentia” in some sense closes the circle, since it aims to continue work started with Fronesis and to provide to the public comprehensive and intriguing monographies that elaborate and test contemporary social and theoretical trends.

New editions are in the making, and those already in existence continue to be (co)published in ever increasing pace.