Philosophies of War / Edited by Petar Bojanić and Miloš Ćipranić

The book thematizes the immediate relation between philosophy and war in the context of the great European catastrophe (1914–1945) that culminated in «total war». The book contains texts such as «Philosophy and War» (1914) by Fritz Mauthner, «Philsophy and War: methodological dispute» (1917/18) by Gustav Radbruch and «Philosophy of War» (1942) August Faust. Each of these books, with its peculiarities, affirms or problematizes the supposed or inherent thesis according to which the philosopher as an engaged figure constructs, produced, and «gives birth» to war and theoretically constituites it as multidimensionaly «great». Petar Bojanić, with his introduction, analytically and in a broad stroke, inaugurates the central theme of the book and the abovementioned texts.

Philosophies of War / Edited by Petar Bojanić and Miloš Ćipranić, translation from German by Željko Radinković. Beograd – Novi Sad, IFDT – Akademska knjiga, 2018, 96 pages. ISBN: 978-86-80484-31-0

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