Höffe Otfried

Otfried Höffe, (1943), Dr. Dr. h.c. mult, is one of the most accomplished and highly regarded authorities in the area of practical philosophy today. He is professor of philosophy at the University of Tübingen, and was formerly a professor at the Universities of Duisburg and Freiburg, as well as the director of the International Institute for Social Philosophy and Ethics in Freiburg. He was also a visiting professor at Columbia University. Prof. Höffe is a member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and holds an honorary Doctorate from the University of Belgrade. He is the author of numerous works in the areas of ethics, legal philosophy, philosophy of the state and the economy. Prof. Höffe’s book Justice: A Philosophical Introduction has been translated into ten languages. Two of his books have been translated to Serbian: Justice: A Philosophical Introduction and The Art of Living and Morality (Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad).

On the Guarantee of Perpetual Peace: Reflections on Kant
28 May 2014

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