Moral contractualism/ Translated and edited by Anton Markoč

With a rich introduction by the editor, Anton Markoč, the book gathers two foundational texts about contractualism – moral orientation that has been vastly thought abroad and yet not present in the local context. The first text is a classical essay by Thomas Skanlon “Contractualism and utilitarniasm”, and the other, a critical and revisionist take on the previous, “Justifiability to Each Person” by Derek Parfit. Moral contractualism  is surely a first of its’ kind in an theoretically forgotten field, which has already gained praises in academic community.

Published by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade and Academic Book in Novi Sad

Year: 2018

Description: 135 pages, 18 cm

Edition: Library Minima

ISBN 978-86-80484-11-2

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