February 18, 2020

Marko Perić Conversational contextualism: mechanisms for the shift of epistemic standards

Conversational contextualism is an epistemological viewpoint constructed towards explaining the possibility of legitimate knowledge ascriptions, despite the radical skeptical arguments and hypotheses of systematic deception. Conversational contextualism is also an attempt to analyze and explain the wide range of different meanings of the term „knows“ in ordinary language, considering many different conversational context in which that term is used. The principal goal of the talk is a detailed analysis of the mechanisms for changing of the epistemic standards as a basis for the clarification of contextualist answers to the sceptic. Special interest is focused on the asymmetry between conversational mechanisms for increasing and decreasing of the epistemic standards.

Marko Perić was born in 1986. He graduated philosophy in University of Niš in 2009. The same year Marko started PhD studies in University of Belgrade and in 2018. he defended his doctoral dissertation titled: „Contextualist Responses to the Sceptic: Conversational Mechanisms for Changing of the Epistemic Standards”. Perić published several papers in national journals and took part in a few national conferences. The main topics of his interest are epistemology, ontology, philosophy of science and philosophy of language.

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