February 18, 2020

Marko Grdešić Populism as interaction between masses and elites: Anti-bureaucratic revolution in Serbia, 1988-1989.

In this lecture, the author will present his latest book “The Shape of Populism: Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia” (University of Michigan Press, 2019). The book deals with the phenomenon of populism using the example of “anti-bureaucratic revolution” that happened in Serbia in 1988 and 1989. According to the author, populism should be understood as a collections of practices which include mobilization as well as discourse. Populism is determined with the mutual acting of masses and elites, so that elites constantly encourage and accentuate activities of the masses while directing and manipulating them. The books is grounded in several sources: analysis of protests, analysis of discourse of journal letters of common readers and caricatures, but also groups with people who took part in the populist protests.

Marko Grdešić is associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. The main areas of his research include political sociology and political economy. His articles have been published in Theory and Society, Natioalities Papers, Europe-Asia Studies, Comparative Studies in Society and History, East European Politics and Societies, European Journal of Industrial Relations. He got his PhD in sociology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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