December 18, 2018

Mark Losoncz and Szilárd János Tóth (Neo)republicanism and Engagement

What is the value of political engagement? Our lecture is an attempt to reconstruct possible republican answers to this question. Within the republican tradition, two approaches are prevalent in this regard. One is the ‘Greek’ republican approach according to which engagement possesses intrinsic value, the other is the ‘Roman’ republican approach according to which it possesses instrumental value. We will not attempt to argue in favor of either approaches, but merely to say a few words of their respective virtues and vices. The conclusion therefore is going to be open-ended. Our aim is to present a premodern political tradition that might had been the most important precursor of the modern reflection on engagement, but also a current stream in political philosophy that puts the concept of engagement on center stage.


Szilárd János Tóth (1991) is currently working on his PhD dissertation at Corvinus University of Budapest. The working title of the dissertation is: “The Concept of Patriotism in Contemporary Republican Political Theory”. His main fields of interest are political theory (republicanism, community, theories of recognition, multiculturalism) and ethics (the ethics of patriotism, loyalty, betrayal, and love). His works have been published in Hungarian, Serbian, and in English.







Mark Losoncz (1987) defended his PhD at the University of Novi Sad with the title The Concept of Time in Bergson’s and Husserl’s Philosophy. He accomplished part of his doctoral research at École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris. He is a researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (University of Belgrade) and a member of the Group for Social Engagement Studies. His main research fields of interest are contemporary metaphysics, philosophy of mind, systems and complexity theory. He is author and/or editor of eight books. His works are published in English, French, German, Serbian/Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian.


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