September 21, 2018

Making images talk: Picasso’s Minotauromachy

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 4th floor at 12 h

The communicative nature which is fundamental to art implies the possibility that images can talk. What are the images created by an artist such as Pablo Picasso in his Minotauromachy or in his Guernica saying to us? Using the symbols of the Mediterranean mythological tradition, namely the bull or the Minotaur, these works redefine ancient archetypes, which in turn acquire actuality for contemporary human being.

Ana María Leyra Soriano is a Spanish philosopher and Professor of Aesthetics at the Complutense University of Madrid, Faculty of Philosophy. The main lines of her investigation are creativity, gesture, writing and the connection between art and insanity. She is one of the founders and the coordinators of La Europa de la Escritura Group, which researches the relationship between the writing and the image. She authored the following monographs: La mirada creadora: de la experiencia artística a la filosofía (Barcelona, Península, 1993), Poética y transfilosofía (Madrid, Fundamentos, 1995), and De Cervantes a Dalí: escritura, imagen y paranoia (Madrid, Fundamentos, 2006).

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