March 21, 2019

Luka Glušac, Engagement and Political Institutions  

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 4th floor at 15 h

This lecture seeks to contribute to thinking the relation between engagement and political institutions. I will first outline major theoretical insights of institutions, of political institutions and institutionalization. The main question is how political institutions change. The talk will tackle the following questions: When can we say that political institutions are founded by engagement? Under what conditions can political institutions be considered as engaged? What institutions, if any, can we use as mechanism for channeling and fulfilling the goals of social engagement?

Luka Glušac (1987) holds a PhD from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. He also holds a master’s degree international security from the same University, and bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Security at the University of Belgrade. Since 2011 he has been employed at the Expert service with the Protector of Citizens. His main research focus involves national institutions for human rights and their interaction with state and non-state actors at the different levels of government. He has published over 20 articles, in Serbian and English language, including Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, Journal of Human Rights Practice The International Journal of Human Rights.

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