December 7, 2019

Lecture and Seminar: Burkhard Liebsch

Lecture: “Unconditional responsibility in the face of disastrous violence. Thoughts on the history of human mortality”

7th December, 17h

My presentation draws attention to the question how a strong notion of unconditional responsibility in the face of the other’s mortality (as it was claimed by Levinas) is related to the historical experience of a disastrous violence that seems to annihilate not only numerous bodies, lives, identities and histories but, rather, any responsible religio to the other – whether living or dead. How is this religio of human responsibility related to forms of disastrous violence which seem to deny it?

Seminar: “Being exposed: Revision of the human condition in the light of the recent history of violence”

8th December, 10-14h

It cannot be taken ontologically for gran­ted that we are ‘in’ the world. Instead, from the analysis of our current conditio historica it follows that this de­pends on precarious conditions. To explain how the very precarious­ness of these conditions reveals structures of our being in the world ‒ i.e. our dependency on others’ hospitality and shelter, our being forced to take flight if they refuse to protect us and the danger of falling into a de-politicized worldlessness ‒ is a genuine task of a historici­zed so­cial philosophy that takes political expertise concerning new forms of violence seriously without forgetting to raise the question what it teaches us about ‘on­tological’ structures of our ‘exposed’ being in the world.

Participants: Željko Radinković, Petar Bojanić, Rastko Jovanov, Igor Cvejić, Marjan Ivković, Aleksandar Fatić (IFDT), Časlav Koprivica (FPN), Una Popović (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad) and the author.

Professor Dr Burkhard Liebsch teaches practical philosophy and social philosophy at the University of Bochum. His most recent publications include: In der Zwischenzeit. Spielräume menschlicher Generativität (In the Meantime: Leeways of Human Generativity) (2016); Zeit-Gewalt und Gewalt-Zeit (Violence of Time and Time of Violence) (2017); as co-editor: Perspektiven europäischer Gastlichkeit (Perspectives of European Hospitality) (2016); Der Andere in der Geschichte (The Other in History) (2017).

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