Narveson Jan

Jan Narveson is a native of Minnesota, U.S.A. and was educated at the University of Chicago (B.A. in Political Science, 1955, and in Philosophy, 1956); and earned the PhD at Harvard (1961) with a year at Oxford (1959-60) on a travelling Fellowship. He has taught at the University of New Hampshire, U.S.A., 1961-3, after which he taught at the University of Waterloo, from which he retired in 2004. He was Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins (1967), Stanford University (1968), and the University of Calgary (1976), and was a Visiting Research Scholar at the Center for Philosophy and Public Affairs at Bowling Green State University, Ohio (Fall 1990). In 2006, Jan was designated a Distinguished Professor Emeritus. He has continued occasional teaching since his retirement, including several terms for the Political Science Department, with which he was cross-listed.

13th ILECS conference
What does it mean to win a war?
25-27 June 2014

The 12th International Law and Ethics Conference Series (ILECS)
Pacifism: Still the Issue?
21-23 June 2012
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