February 3-4, 2020

International Colloquium on Saint Maximus the Confessor’s Opuscula theologica et polemica

On the occasion of the 1440th anniversary of the birth of the great Byzantine philosopher and theologian Saint Maximus the Confessor (580-662), the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade, together with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Károli Gáspár University of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Budapest, organizes on the 3rd and 4th of February 2020 a colloquium dedicated to Maximus’ work Opuscula theologica et polemica. This colloquium is the first in a series of annual colloquiums planned for the organization of the University of Belgrade and Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church of Hungary, which will continue to be organized alternately in Belgrade and Budapest. The focus of the colloquium is on the little-studied work of Opuscula theologica et polemica of Saint Maximus the Confessor, especially Chapters 5-6 and 13-14. The work of Opuscula theologica et polemica, or Minor Theological and Polemical Writings, is a collection of letters and minor works largely written after 640 AD.









Monday 3rd of February 2020

St Sava Memorial Church, Clergy House, Krušedolska 2a, Belgrade


17.00 Alex Leonas (Károli Gáspár  University, Budapest) and Vladimir Cvetković (University of Belgrade)

Opening address


17.15 Miklós Vassányi (Károli Gáspár University, Budapest)

‘The Discussion of Identity in St Maximus the Confessor’s Opusculum 14’


18.15 Dionisios Skliris (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

‘The Significance of the Opusculum 5 for the Christology of St Maximus the Confessor’


19.15. General discussion


19.30 Dinner




Tuesday 4th of February 2020

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, IV floor, Kraljice Natalije 45, Belgrade


9.30 Aleksandar Djakovac (University of Belgrade),

‘Maximus’ Relational Ontology: πρός τι and σχέσις’


10.00 Romilo Aleksandar Knežević (University of Belgrade),

‘Maximus’ Opuscula and the Concept of the Hypostatic Union’


10.30 Vukašin Milićević (University of Belgrade),

‘Trinitarian-Christological Analogies and the Distinction between the Uncreated and the Created: Opusculum 13’


11.00 General discussion and closing remarks


11.30. Coffee break


12.00 Emma Brown Dewhurst (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich),

‘The Absence of Sex and Gender in the Thought of Maximus the Confessor: A Seventh Century Challenge to Gender Norms’


14.00 Lunch

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