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Hans Bernhard Schmid is a Professor of political and social philosophy at the University of Vienna. Previously he taught at the universities of Basel, Freiburg, St. Gallen, and at the New School for Social Research in New York. His field of research includes philosophy of social sciences, social ontology, theory of action, philosophy of mind, and history of philosophy (especially phenomenology). He is the author of the following books: Collective epistemology, Kollektive Intentionalität, Subjekt, System, Diskurs, Moralische Integrität, Concepts of sharedness, Self-evaluation: affective and social grounds of intentionality, Institutions, emotions, and group agents, The phenomenological approach to social reality, Social capital, social identities: from ownership to belonging.

Hans Bernhard Schmid - Seminar: Collective responsibilities of random collections

Lecture with Hans Bernhard Schmid: Joint attentions

Aristotle On Collective Well-Being
Shared Commitment in Crisis. Social Ontology, Engagement, and Politics
28–29 September 2018
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