Torrengo Giuliano

Giuliano Torrengo is a member of Logos Group at the University of Barcelona and of Labont at the University of Torino. He has a PhD in Philosophy of Language at the University of Western Piedmont. His main current theme of research is the metaphysics of time, but he is interested also in the ontology of social reality and in cognitive science. He has spent many visiting periods at the Columbia University in New York and at the Insitut Nicod in Paris, and he has published articles in English in international journals, such as Analysis, Synthese, Philosophia and Metaphysica. His last book, in Italian, is on time travel.

Workshop on “Empirical Evidence and Philosophy”
22-23 May 2012

Social Ontology: From Intentionality to Documentality
May 31 - June 01, 2011, Belgrade
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