October 22, 2019

Epistemology of Saint Justin Popovic

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 4th floor at 12h

Saint Justin Popovic is one of the most significant theologians, philosophers and saints of Serbian church. Former professor of Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade, who, by the decision of communist government, was excluded from teaching and sentenced to house arrest in monastery Celije next to Valjevo, spent more than 30 years acting as a clergyman, priest and fruitful writer. The monastery Celije, where his relics are placed, published his magna opus. Saint Justin was a teacher of the most influential contemporary theologians in Serbian Orthodox Church, and his works, written in simple and accessible style for the people, address one of the most significant philosophical and worldly themes: themes such as personal morals, marriage, family, political relations, participation in community, even questions of European politics and international relations.

In one of his most mature works, Interpretation of the Gospel of John, Saint Justin expresses his view of Christian epistemology, or theory of knowledge in a simple and yet philosophical productive way. For him, it is based on immediate testimony that is not only receptive but also active, and it presuppose ethical and metaphysical layer of thinking. In that sense, this theme, philosophically speaking, is extremely relevant in present debates on rationalism and irrationalism, as well as the role of metaphysics of personality in epistemology.



Bishop Jovan Ćulibrk

dr Slobodan Prodić

prof. dr Aleksandar Fatić

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