June 18, 2019

Discussion on “Holocaust and Philosophy” (ed. Mark Losoncz – Predrag Krstić)

Discussion on the anthology Holocaust and Philosophy (ed. Mark Losoncz – Predrag Krstić) We invite you to join us on June 18th at 18h, in the ceremonial hall of the Jewish Community in Subotica, in the discussion on the anthology on Holocaust and Philosophy, edited by Mark Losoncz and Predrag Krstić (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade, 2018). The participants are: Predrag Krstić, Mark Losoncz, Vera Mevorah, Aleksandar Pavlović and Igor Cvejić. Holocaust and Philosophy is a collection of original scientific papers in Serbian. The book is structured so that it covers the current state of the theoretical investigations on the Holocaust, including different methods, but also certain new dimensions and challenges. In that respect, the book has already become a helpful material for those professionally or otherwise engaged with the topic.

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